Our Services


EMCON Maintenance Engineering and Facility Management Services includes:

  • Maintenance management system assessment.
  • Reporting systems and key performance indicators development.
  • Standard operating system development and implementation.
  • Planned maintenance systems.
  • Computerized maintenance management systems CMMS.
  • Maintenance documentation.
  • Management and technical skill training.
  • Failure analysis studies.

Why Equipment reliability ?

One of the major areas of focus in facilities today is that of improving .To insure that Equipment availability is always there, to meet the demands (Downtime equals money). One of the worst nightmares of any company and those who manage it is to have a demand for service but not be able to provide it because of equipment failure. Certainly this scenario will reduce company profitability and could ultimately put a company out of business. We need to change the culture of maintenance management and staff in order to reach the planned goals “Safety, Equipment Reliability and cost”. Reactive Maintenance Scenario: reactive repair-based work scenario. First, something breaks down , then the problem is identified, a maintenance crew dashes in, makes the save and order is restored . As a result, the crew receives praise from production / Clients for a job well done . The praise is most often immediate and the reactive behavior is, therefore, immediately reinforced. Maintenance is now ready for the next emergency . The organizational values must be altered. If the values support a reactive behavior it is impossible to change the culture. This is the role of the leadership team. We need to change into the Pro-active scenario to predict and solve the problems before it happens “Saving time is money saving” Then we will be able to plan shutdowns, technical change projects and operational maintenance procedures down to a very fine level of detail. As maintenance management generally makes up around 40 - 50 % of operational budgets, the savings made possible from increased efficiency and reduction of waste are staggering.